Adventurous Jam Session, Smashing Games

5minlab Research Culture

‘Capturing the user’s world in 5 minutes with a pleasant experience and the best immersion’

5minlab studies and creates games of various genres in a ‘space with infinite imagination’ to present a pleasant world. To create an environment in which flexible creation is possible, 5minlab values the following Research Culture.

Game Lovers

We are game lovers who create prime games and deliver fun

Mutual Respect

To reach better goals, we are not afraid of authority and freely present our own opinions on the basis of trust and respect among team members.

Clear Communication

We accurately decide objectives upon the transparently provided information.

Fail-safe Plan

We create successful content while learning from failure.

Responsible autonomy

We freely think, act, and decide under responsible autonomy, which grows the organization more creatively.


5minlab are looking for new researchers to join the team.