‘The laboratory makes the world enjoyable in 5 minutes’

5minlab wants to provide users with an pleasant immersion experience. For users to have a stunning experience, 5minlab creates original and entertaining creations such as VR and AI into the game. The various genres of games that 5minlab has experimented with have been established as highly rated and top of the industry for a significant amount of time.

5minlab History Timeline


  • 2021

    04 “Smash Legends” Global Launch

    03 “Smash Legends” Soft Launch

  • 2020

    10 “Billion Builders’ achieves 2 million in total download

    10 Attract Series A investment

    07  “Billion Builders” Global Launch

    03  “Idle Port” achieves 1.9 million in total download

    02  “Idle Port” Global Launch

  • 2019

    09  “Smash Legends” make a publishing contract with Line Games

    02  “BAAM SQUAD” (VR) achieves 30% market share of VR arcades worldwide

  • 2018

    08  “Smash Legends” development start

    04  “BAAM SQUAD” (VR) Global Launch

  • 2017

    06   3D puzzle game “Brickscape” Global Launch

    05   Win‘17 BEST VR Award’, Unite

    05   Win ‘Challenge Seoul Award’, G-RANK

    01 “Toy Clash”(Mobile VR) Global Launch

  • 2016

    03  “Snake VR”(Mobile VR) launches at Oculus Store

  • 2015

    09  “Slime Slasher” & “Hungry mates” Global Launch

    04  “Como in adventure” Global Launch

  • 2014

    08  “Como in adventure for Kakao” Launch

    04   Win a Grand Prize at “The 3rd Cheer Up Game Person Award”, Gamein foundation

  • 2013

    09   5minlab is founded


Yellow presents youth, flexibility, warmth, expandability and curiosity

The box represents a variety of possibilities and a flexible laboratory