5minlab Unveils SMASH LEGENDS’ New Legend ‘Aoi’

2023.06.08 / Press

  • An attacker-type legend that attacks enemies with a club
  • Additional reward slots for obtaining legends, enchantments, and more in ‘Trophy Road’

5minLab (CEO Moonhyoung Park), an independent studio of KRAFTON Inc. (CEO CH KIM), conducted an update for the real-time PvP action game ‘Smash Legends’ on the 7th and released the new legend ‘Aoi’.

‘Aoi’ is the 34th legend in Smash Legends and is an attacker-type legend that attacks enemies with a club-like weapon called Kanabo.

With this update, Smash Pass Regular Season, ‘Chapter 9: Rebel with a Cause,’ has begun. By purchasing this pass and achieving the 10th reward tier, players can obtain ‘Aoi’ as a reward.

‘Smash Pass Toon,’ which explains the concept of this pass, and ‘Smash Toon,’ which showcases the story of the new legend ‘Aoi,’ have been revealed on Smash Legends’ official social media channels and in the library.

By watching advertisements on ‘Trophy Road,’ players can now obtain additional rewards such as legends, enchantments, gems, and credits. ‘Trophy Road’ is a system where new users can complete various introductory missions and collect trophies to obtain reward items.

For more detailed information about the update, please visit the official website of Smash Legends.

For more information about SMASH LEGENDS and the August update, please visit https://www.smashlegends.com/ and follow the game on social media (Twitter | Facebook | Discord YouTube).